How an Offshoring Readiness Check can Speed up Success

Published by Chris Winfield-Blum 1 year ago

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How an Offshoring Readiness Check can Speed up Success

Published by Chris Winfield-Blum 1 year ago

When implementing offshore initiatives, there is a big mistake I see, over and over again that should be avoided at all costs, that is; rushing through concept and planning to execution too quickly.

When I work with organisations, I will always put a big emphasis on the planning phase of any project, but it is just as, if not more important when offshoring because you are going to be investing a significant amount of yours, or your teams time through this process. However, as with any project, if we understand the full scope and any risks to the project, we can ensure effective approaches are taken to avoid, mitigate and/or accept risks.

At Change Fox  we advocate a "readiness check" for offshoring initiatives, which are designed to answer the very "simple" question;

are you ready to bring an offshore team into your existing business processes and operations?

Asking this question quite often results in one of two common responses;

  1. A blank look and a question about what I mean
  2. A confident yes, followed by awareness as I quiz them on their operations

 I often use this quote or one of many variations when implementing new planning processes in organisations and it is absolutely relevant to your offshoring initiatives.

The Readiness Check workshop has the following agenda;

  • Discuss and agree on business goals, objectives, timelines and success criteria for future measurement(s)
  • Identify where there may be opportunities to offshore within the business (outside the current scope)
  • Review current processes that are relevant to your offshoring business function(s)
  • Identify areas that may pose challenges or risks to the offshore initiatives

Discussing and reflecting on these topics will enable the development and documentation of a project scope and risk matrix. This documentation will include any process change recommendations along with a definitive action plan to successfully implement your offshoring initiatives.

Investing upfront in this process will ensure that you have the processes and systems in place to engage effectively and efficiently with your team going forwards. You will avoid "false starts" which is very common when people approach their initiatives blindly and have incorrect assumptions about "hand balling" work to their new staff (see Five Offshoring Myths I've Witnessed and Strongly Disagree With).

Implementing the provided recommendations will ensure that;

  1. Your local team are ready and able to work with and support the initiative
  2. Your processes and systems will enable the desired organisational growth
  3. Your teams will be connected, collaborative and committed to this change
  4. You retain your offshore talent

These key readiness check outcomes will ensure that success is achieved in the fastest time possible without compromising the potential of the initiative.

If you are considering an offshoring initiative or you have already committed to but appreciate the value of a Change Fox readiness check, reach out today via LinkedIn or

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