Offshoring services that drive long-term success

Published by Chris Winfield-Blum 1 year ago

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Offshoring services that drive long-term success

Published by Chris Winfield-Blum 1 year ago

If you are an organisation considering offshoring operational functions, there are many business process offshoring (BPO) providers to choose from. Many of them do a great job of supporting your organisations' offshoring initiatives through the provision of human resources and infrastructure services.

They will assist you with recruitment, formal induction and provide you with a desk, computer and reliable internet connection. This approach can work well, I for one, preferred to maintain control of selection, onboarding and ongoing management of my staff, but for those who go in with false expectations, this can be fraught with danger.

That is why Change Fox offers complimentary services that are designed to educate and guide organisations towards long-term success.


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As previously discussed Change Fox offers a five-step process for offshoring success

Readiness Check

Change Fox works with your key stakeholders to determine how ready your business is for offshoring. Together we will determine team atmosphere, organisational strategy and cultural and their possible influence on your initiatives. Further, we will review relevant business systems and processes to ensure that your organisation will be able to communicate and collaborate effectively.

Process Design

Where a new process, system or strategy is agreed to be implemented, Change Fox will again work with your team to design and integrate these changes into your business operations. Change Fox can act as advisors or take a more hands-on role as project managers, system engineers or trainers and educators for business stakeholders.

Supplier Setup

Often running in parallel with process design, Change Fox will introduce you to vetted suppliers that are appropriate to your requirements and expectations. This can be done remotely but we would always encourage onsite visits to truly gauge supplier alignment.


Change Fox will assist with the screening and interviews to provide candidates that will be well aligned with your organisational culture and compliment your team.

Support & Management

Change Fox seeks long-term engagements with its community members including its' placements and its' customers. As part of a support & management membership, we can regularly review your team and provide monthly engagement reports with actionable suggestions to improve your staff performance and reduce dysfunctional turnover.



While the above outlines the five steps for offshoring success, as they apply to new offshored team members, each of these services can be applied to an organisation individually where appropriate.

Further, Change Fox offers additional services that can add value to organisations with existing offshored teams.

Offshoring Health Check

Change Fox provides organisations that have existing offshored teams with a health-check that is designed to get to the bottom of real or perceived performance issues. The below infographic outlines some of the primary topics covered in a health-check.


Offshoring Health Check


Change Fox is ready to talk to you today to discuss your business and their requirements. 

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