Do you believe that your offshore team can perform more effectively? Maybe it's time for an offshoring health check to evaluate and provide actionable recommendations.


1. Strategic Direction

Is the strategic direction of the organisation well-defined and how good is your teams’ clarity, understanding, acceptance and enthusiasm for the vision?

Alignment to strategic direction is essential for building effective and efficient teams, regardless of the scope of the role(s) or the location of the team members. We will evaluation and score your engagement; providing a summary and recommendations to improve that score where appropriate.

2. Operational Functions

Which operational functions you have offshored and how do their results compare to your local resources and similar teams within the Change Fox community?

Poor results may be a reflection on the management of your offshored team or inappropriate roles being offshored. We will assess the viability of the roles you've offshored and provide insights into the results achieved by the team.

3. Task Workflow

How is work distributed, communicated and completed? Where are the critical touch points with your team and how effective they are?

Ensuring that your task workflow is efficient, repeatable and appropriately supported is fundamental for offshoring success and where appropriate your offshored team should be able to operate independantly, but this objective can be at risk if poor workflow of tasks exists. We will test your workflows and provide guidance on any recommended improvements.

4. Performance Management

How effective are your performance management processes in delivering value to the organisation while increasing professional growth across the team?

Performance management should absolutely be more than an annual or six monthly retrospective review between a manager and a staff member. Amazingly and unfortunately that's often the case. We will validate the effectiveness of your performance management processes and, if required, introduce your organisation to modern principals and approaches to performance manegement.

5. Feedback Mechanisms

What is the frequency and effectiveness of your feedback mechanisms to drive continuous improvement?

Feedback is ones of the most important inputs for our personal and professional growth and organisations that treat performance management as the sole feedback mechanism will likely see high levels of dysfunctional turnover. Feedback comes in many forms; some formal, some informal. We will review the types of feedback available and suggest changes where appropraite.

6. Tools and Processes

Which tools are you using for operational functions and are there any points of failure or frustrations that are affecting the team?

The tools and processes that we use can effect all of the previous five points and this can be compounded when dealing with offshored teams. We will evaluate your tools and processes for areas of improvment and opportunities to increase collaboration throughout your organisation.

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