Executive Assistant



Are you spending time managing low value tasks that you should be spending on your business generating value?

role notes & useful statistics

Customer / Supplier Exposure

50% of the role is customer exposed

Limited exposure to customers or suppliers is needed for the management of email and calendars

English Proficiency Requirement

90% Difficulty

Being able to understand, write and speak English is important to this role

Internal Communications

70% Difficulty

A system for communicating tasks and requirements should be put in place, however, by its nature, this role will include ad-hoc tasks regularly

Talent Availability

90% Difficulty

Many administrative resources are available to fulfil this role

Domain Knowledge Requirement

10% Difficulty

Little customer specific domain knowledge is required

Ease of Measurement

20% Difficulty

A successful executive assistant is helping you to achieve your goals by keeping you focused


An offshored executive assistant will be able to assist with the remote management of your administrative and travel requirements.

Specific responsibilities would be identified as part of the recruitment of your new staff member as well as any certification requirements.

Why Offshore This Function?

  • Your an executive or manager who spends more time than you should be managing your email, calendar and administrative tasks

Top 5 Responsibilities

  • Management and prioritisation of email correspondence
  • Coordination of appointments and preparation of minutes and meeting actions
  • Travel bookings and confirmations
  • Administrative tasks as necessary
  • Ownership of local administrative and social functions for your offshored team



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