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role notes & useful statistics

Customer / Supplier Exposure

40% of the role is customer exposed

Minimal levels of direct customer or supplier exposure is expected for this role

English Proficiency Requirement

50% Difficulty

Understanding and communicating in English is important for this role

Internal Communications

90% Difficulty

A system for communicating tasks and requirements should be put in place

Talent Availability

70% Difficulty

Many qualified resources are available to fulfil this role

Domain Knowledge Requirement

40% Difficulty

Customer knowledge is essential for this role, especially; objectives, culture and role requirements.

Ease of Measurement

20% Difficulty

Recruitment functions are less tangible that other operational functions.


Adopting recruitment services from Change Fox will provide you with specialised resources with a strategic focus on developing your offshore team.

Why Offshore This Function?

  • Your organisation is building an offshored team
  • Your organisation has built an offshored team but has new recruitment needs
  • Your organisation has built an offshored team but has not hired the correct types of people in the past

Top 4 Responsibilities

  • Increased business performance through business, team and staff insights
  • Increased feedback mechanisms for and within your offshored team
  • Monthly team and staff engagement reports with strategic recommendations
  • Access to Change Fox education packages on important topics such as "leadership within the context of an offshored team"



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