Software Tester



Are you looking for a new team member to test, validate and authorise software projects?

role notes & useful statistics

Customer / Supplier Exposure

30% of the role is customer exposed

Low levels of direct customer or supplier exposure is expected for this role

English Proficiency Requirement

65% Difficulty

Being able to understand, write and speak English is important to this role

Internal Communications

50% Difficulty

Tasks tend to be routine and largely independant. Communications can be achieved through electronic collaboration tools or phone as required.

Talent Availability

80% Difficulty

Many resources are available to fulfil this role

Domain Knowledge Requirement

50% Difficulty

Low levels of customer specific domain knowledge is required

Ease of Measurement

60% Difficulty

Tasks are usually easily measurable and correctness is traceable


An offshored software tester will be able to improve the quality of your software through structured and ad-hoc testing cycles.

Specific responsibilities would be identified as part of the recruitment of your new staff member as well as any certification requirements.

Why Offshore This Function?

  • Your organisation has and is growing and the day-to-day testing requirements have become a burden to local staff or simply not executed well enough
  • You are observing high support costs of delivery due to poor quality releases
  • Internal promotion or turnover has created resource capacity issues

Top 5 Responsibilities

  • Review and provide feedback on the clarity of user stories and acceptance criteria
  • Run mandatory automated test cycles
  • Perform ad-hoc and exploratory testing
  • Run testing cycles and present findings and reports to project team
  • Report bugs in issue tracking software



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