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Why is your feedback important to us?

Feedback is an often neglected piece of data! Although many organisations receive feedback through a number of channels, such as; surveys, direct communications or possibly other metrics such as retention and conversion rates, this information is often dismissed, ignored or even argued with the most important people, their network of customers, staff and suppliers.

At Change Fox, we aspire to be a proactive and constructive feedback driven organisation. Internally we adopt feedback mechanisms such as 360° Feedback, complimenting and providing performance data to our regular review processes.

Externally, these same principles form part of our Management and Support services we offer our customers to improve communication and drive growth in our customers and their team members.

This feedback page forms a part of our strategy to receive feedback from our community, which is our method of capturing net promoter score. It's our commitment that we will use this information to;

( 1 ) Adjust and/or improve our services

Feedback is one of the best ways to encourage reflection and growth, both personally and professionally.

( 2 ) Improve the feedback mechanisms throughout our community

We'll apply our own learnings to the feedback mechanisms for our customers, staff and suppliers.

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