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We provide consulting services to organisations seeking to realise competitive advantage through the building of offshored teams.

How can we help your organisation?

Advisory Board Membership

We have years of experience working within the information technology and software development industries and can be a valuable member of your advisory board, providing input into your strategically significant projects and initiatives.

Business Process Evaluation

An efficient and effective business process is essential for business success. We will engage in a business process evaluation of our organisation to present you with a report on findings and recommendations related to potential offshoring opportunities.

Change Management

At its core, the services that we offer are about Change Management, and we do it well! If you're having difficultly with internal change we can assist you.

Coffee and a Chat

We are very passionate about what we do and if you would like to meet for a coffee and a chat to discuss your organisation and the potential to grow through offshoring then please contact us today!

Management & Retention

We offer a range of management & retention programs that all focus on the retention of your staff and add a positive point of differentiation between your organisation and other organisations actively recruiting. The Change Fox Community is central to this, creating an environment where customers, staff and providers can engage and communicate openly.

Offshoring Health Check

The status quo is not always good enough. Do you believe that your offshore team could be performing more effectively? Maybe it's time to consider an offshoring health check to evaluate and provide actionable recommendations

Offshoring Services

As you have hopefully read on our website, we can take your organisation through one or more of the above-mentioned steps to achieve offshoring success for your organisation.

Process Design

Once we understand your risks we will recommend and facilitate change to achieve the best results from your offshoring initiatives. The scope of these projects could range from minor process changes or organisational structure recommendations, or new systems for increased collaboration and visibility across the business.

Readiness Check

One of the hardest parts of offshoring is ensuring your organisation and its processes are ready. The readiness check will give you perspective and the reality of your organisations' current state. Further, you will be provided with a clearly defined plan of action that is designed to ensure the success of the offshoring initiative.

Strategic Human Resource Management

We can work with your organisation to develop and integrate your strategic human resources plans that will speed up your growth strategies through proven performance management and hiring solutions.

Strategic Management Advisory

We have years of experience working with small to large enterprises and can work with your team to facilitate strategic management workshops or provide specific feedback and advice on how to achieve your organisations goals and objectives

Supplier Selection

Different operational functions have different requirements, whether that be timezone coverage, required hours or job responsibilities. These attributes may lead your project to a different supplier and we will be able to provide you with recommendations and introductions to ensure that you are engaging with the best supplier for your requirements.

Team Building

It is critical to not only hire for the right capabilities but also cultural fit to your organisation. We recognise this and will take the time to understand your business culture and provide our expertise through the team building process. We introduce amazing people to our clients and the Change Fox Community.

Foxy Nurse

Offshoring health check

Do you have an offshored team already? Do you believe your offshored team can perform more effectively? Are you experiencing high turnover rates in your team?

If any of the above is true, then it is certainly time for an offshoring health check to evaluate how your organisation is executing on their offshoring initiative and provide actionable recommendations.

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