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For BPO providers or customers involved in complex offshoring initiatives, a strategic implementation partnership is a great way to leverage our experience with hands-on readiness checks, process design and setup.

Not all offshoring initiatives are simple relocations of operational roles; in fact from our experience, very few are. They take time, energy and expertise in change management; readiness checks, process design and implementation, recruitment and more.

It is important to recognise when an offshoring initiative is likely to be challenging, either due to a customers' unique requirements or due to their complex or lacking internal systems and processes. These factors ultimate risk the profitability and return on investment for your organisation and should not be ignored.

In situations where there are challenges and complexities, it is sometimes difficult as a typical BPO supplier to challenge your customer. Introducing our specialist services as "value-add services" to your customers and having us work closely with the organisation and their team to manage this process can be a great asset to your organisation too.

We do however understand that sharing a customer with another supplier is often frowned upon in the industry and as such we are open to "white labelling" these services as your own, and billing you instead of the customer.

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