Social Media Assistant

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Social Media Assistant

Are you looking for somebody to help build consistent and effective social media channels?

Change Fox will step you through our five step offshoring process to define your requirement, design your processes, match you to appropriate suppliers, guide your recruitment and then manage and grow your team into the future.


Customer / Supplier Exposure

50% of the role is customer exposed

English Proficiency Requirement

70% Difficulty

Internal Communications

50% Difficulty

Talent Availability

75% Difficulty

Domain Knowledge Requirement

80% Difficulty

Ease of Measurement

85% Difficulty
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An offshored social media assistant will be able to do the majority of tasks conducted by internal resources or external marketing firms in relation to your social media campaigns.

Specific responsibilities would be identified as part of the recruitment of your new staff member as well as any certification requirements.

Why Offshore This Function?

  • Your organisation has and is growing and the day-to-day social media requirements have become a burden to local staff
  • You are using expensive external marketing for day-to-day social media functions
  • Internal promotion or turnover has created resource capacity issues

Top 5 Responsibilities

  • Manages company social media channels, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other relevant platforms
  • Analyses and reports audience information and demographics, and success of existing social media projects
  • Proposes new ideas and concepts for social media content
  • Manages social media communications
  • Uses timelines and scheduled content to create a consistent stream of new content for audience interaction while analysing, managing, and altering schedules where necessary to optimise visits



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