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Are you looking for dedicated helpdesk support officers who will monitor and take ownership of your customer's experience?

role notes & useful statistics

Customer / Supplier Exposure

80% of the role is customer exposed

Engagement with customers to address their support requests is expected daily

English Proficiency Requirement

75% Difficulty

Being able to understand, write and speak English is important to this role as they will likely be the first contact point for customers

Internal Communications

70% Difficulty

A system for communicating tasks and requirements should be put in place, however, by its nature, this role will include ad-hoc tasks regularly

Talent Availability

75% Difficulty

Many qualified resources are available to fulfil this role

Domain Knowledge Requirement

75% Difficulty

High levels of customer specific domain knowledge is required and forms part of induction

Ease of Measurement

80% Difficulty

Responsibilities are usually easily measurable through standard support level agreements (SLAs)


An offshored helpdesk support resource will be able to do the majority of tasks conducted by internal resources in relation to providing all levels of support to your customers. The higher the level of support required though, the more focus on delivering training, documentation and repeatable processes to the team.

Specific responsibilities would be identified as part of the recruitment of your new staff member as well as any certification requirements.

Why Offshore This Function?

  • Your organisation has and is growing and the day-to-day support requirements have become a burden to local staff (especially at Level 1 and 2 support functions)
  • You are using high-value technical resources for day-to-day customer support
  • Internal promotion or turnover has created resource capacity issues

Top 5 Responsibilities

  • Monitor and administer ticket management system and other support channels (phone, email and/or livechat)
  • Log tickets according to correct priority and severity
  • Update customers on the progress of ticket resolutions
  • Respond and resolve tickets within service level agreements
  • Escalate tickets appropriately based on type, severity and priority



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