Readiness Check

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Readiness Check

We argue that the hardest part of offshoring is ensuring your organisation and its processes are ready. The readiness check will give you perspective and the reality of your organisations current state. Further, you will be provided with a clearly defined plan of action that is designed to ensure the success of the offshoring initiative.

Change Fox recommends a workshop that will be used as a forum to discuss and evaluate;

  • Business goals, objectives, timelines and success criteria for future measurement(s)
  • Current and future opportunities to offshore within the business
  • Current processes that are relevant to your offshoring opportunities and core business function(s)
  • Items that may pose challenges or risks to the offshore initiatives

As part of the readiness check, you will receive an obligation-free report outlining a comprehensive plan and risk management matrix, along with proposed costs for the implementation of the recommendations outlined.

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