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It is critical to not only hire for the right capabilities but also cultural fit to your organisation. We recognise this and will take the time to understand your business culture and provide our expertise through the team building process. We introduce amazing people to our clients and the Change Fox Community.

Once you have set up your supplier relationship, it’s time to start building your team. We strongly recommend that interviews be conducted in person however you can alternatively have Change Fox conduct a cultural fit interview and provide feedback into the decision-making process to be done remotely.

The objective of this phase is to;

  • Development or revision and updates of job description(s) and job advertisement(s)
  • Candidate screening and shortlisting
  • Development of interview questions and success criteria
  • Initial interviews and shortlisting
  • Facilitate interviews either onsite or remotely via Skype with you and your team
  • Provide recommendations on staffing choices and alignment with organisational requirements and culture

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