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We provide consulting services to organisations seeking to realise competitive advantage through the building of offshored teams while also working directly with business process outsourcing providers and their executives to facilitate strategic change in areas including strategic human resource management, leadership and organisational growth.

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Why Change Fox

We have the experience and expertise your organisation needs to successfully and effectively deliver offshoring initiatives and services that will help you to achieve your growth targets, deliver better services and products to your customers and realise the vision you have for your business and its future.

Let's talk today about working with you and your team to; understand your challenges, define your needs, design and implement best practice processes.

Three reasons your organization should engage with Change Fox;

    We have implemented offshoring teams successfully for years, we’re really good at it too!
    We have helped small business and multinational enterprises alike, we bring that knowledge to you
    We have a proven history of leadership, and it’s a value instilled in our community members

The Change Fox Environment

We have the experience and expertise your organisation needs to successfully and effectively deliver offshoring initiatives and services that will help you to achieve your growth targets, deliver better services and products to your customers and realise the vision you have for your business and its future.


Our customers are organisations seeking to gain competitive advantage and realise significant growth and success through the implementation, integration and ongoing management of effective offshored staff

Staff & Job Seekers

Our staff and job seekers are those special candidates who want to achieve personal and professional success by being part of the Change Fox community and adding real value to the organisations that they are placed

BPO Providers

BPO Providers part of our environment have been screened and validated as providing exceptional service to their customers and supporting offshoring initiatives through HR, IT and administrative support


So you're interested in offshoring?

Organisations, executives and managers arrive at the conclusion that offshoring is worth exploring for a handful of reasons including just to name a few;

the need to reduce or curve of operational costs

organisational growth targets

the need to support and service multiple time zones effectively

This journey can be a challenging one with available information being heavily geared towards specific providers in the market and sometimes lacking clear and most importantly realistic steps for building successful teams in an offshored environment. Change Fox is unique in that they not only have experience as a customer to the BPO industry but have also worked with BPO providers to improve their services and offerings to break the "numbers game" related to high industry turn-over rates.

Offshoring Readiness Checklist!

This checklist is really important to us, so that you as a future customer, has clear expectations and understands your role in executing an effective offshoring initiative;

How we can help your organisation

Offshoring can be daunting but at Change Fox we have developed a 5 step process for successful offshoring initiatives.

Readiness Check

We argue that the hardest part of offshoring is ensuring your organisation and its processes are ready. The readiness check will give you perspective and the reality of your organisations current state. Further, you will be provided with a clearly defined plan of action that is designed to ensure the success of the offshoring initiative.

Process Design

Once we understand your risks we will recommend and facilitate change to achieve the best results from your offshoring initiatives. The scope of these projects could range from minor process or organisational structure recommendations, or new systems for increased collaboration and visibility across the business.

Supplier Setup

Different operational functions have different requirements, whether that be timezone coverage, required hours or job responsibilities. These attributes may mean a different supplier type or location, but rest assured, we will be able to provide you with recommendations and introductions to ensure that you are engaging with an appropriate supplier.


It is critical to not only hire for the right capabilities but also cultural fit to your organisation. We recognise this and will take the time to understand your business culture and provide our expertise through the recruitment process. We aim to introduce amazing people to our clients and the Change Fox Community.

Support & Management

We offer a range of support and management functions that aims to retain your staff longer and add a positive point of differentiation between your organisation and other organisations actively recruiting. The Change Fox Community is central to this, creating an environment where customers, staff and suppliers can engage and communicate openly.

We also provide a number of business and managerial advisory services that leverage off our team building, management and business experience. Additionally Change Fox offers services for organisations that have existing offshored teams that are perceived to be under-performing; developing and guiding you through the execution of our action plan to get better results for your business.

Successfully Offshored Roles

The below is a sample of operational roles that can and have been offshored successfully


Back Office

Are you spending your time on bookkeeping tasks and should be looking for a resource to help you?

Web Developer

Media & Communications

Are you looking for an enthusiastic resource to design, develop and maintain your web presense?

Technical Support

Technical Support

Are you seeking a technical support team member for your software or hardware services?

Project Manager

Software Development Life Cycle

Are you needing help with the management of your internal and/or external projects?

Software Developer .Net

Software Development Life Cycle

Are you looking for high quality Microsoft .Net programmers to further develop your product?

SEO Specialist

Media & Communications

Are you needing to improve your online strategies to align with SEO standards and best practices?


Do you have an offshored team already? Do you believe your offshored team can perform more effectively? Maybe it's time for an offshoring health check to evaluate and provide actionable recommendations.

Change Fox Community

The Change Fox vision is; to inspire and create positive change for the fox community by; increasing the success rate of offshoring initiatives by executing clever, proven , innovative and reproducible processes; improving team culture and increasing staff retention by building a community of motivated, inspired and delighted foxes

Being a part of this community means being a part of something special, an extended family that work together and support each other as we all succeed together. The community encompasses the shared values and goals of our customers, staff and suppliers and aims to build trust and loyalty in each other, while improving the lives of all those involved.

Below are a handful of the features of the Change Fox Community;

Team & Culture Building

Sometimes it is the little things that matter, and we do those exceptionally well, but that does not mean we forget the big, exciting things. We focus on ensuring a positive, productive and fun culture across the community with regular team and community events.

Proactive Staff & Supplier Management

We utilise continuous feedback and improvement principles to identify and rectify concerns before they become issues. The approaches used are respectful of cultural differences while getting the best outcomes for our customers and their staff.


Community Portal

The community portal creates a shared space that includes continuous feedback & improvement modules as well as staff achievements, calendars and social integration. Once you appreciate the power of this visibility you can even bring your other staff into the portal!

Looking for work?

We strive to hire exceptionally special staff for our customers who will be dedicated, valuable, long-term team and community members. We encourage participation in our social and professional events and aim to drive continuous improvement throughout our community by sharing ideas, innovative thought and experiences.

We are also always seeking to grow our network of leadership and managerial talent, even when we are not actively hiring for those positions, so if that sounds like you please don't hesitate to contact us today!

Unfortunately we do not have any positions that we are currently advertising but you can either check back regularly or connect with us on social media (see page footer) where we will also post new positions as they become available!

So you're a BPO Provider?

As well as seeking quality offshoring and BPO providers to partner with, Change Fox also offers consulting services direct to BPO providers with a focus on strategic planning and execution of innovative approaches to exceeding customer expectations.

Our team have both used BPO providers and partnered with them, so we understand what it takes to build relationships that are mutually beneficial while driving continuous improvement throughout the Change Fox environment.

How we can help BPO Providers

Change Fox has a unique position where they have been both prospect, customer and partner with a number of BPO Providers and can add strategically important perspective to your planning and business development

Strategic Implementation Partnerships

For BPO providers or customers involved in complex offshoring initiatives, a strategic implementation partnership is a great way to leverage our experience with hands-on readiness checks, process design and setup.

Coffee Chat

We are very passionate about what we do and if you would like to meet for a coffee and a chat to discuss your organisation and the potential to grow through offshoring then please contact us today!

Strategic Management Advisory

We have years of experience working with small to large enterprises and can work with your team to facilitate strategic management workshops or provide specific feedback and advice on how to achieve your organisations goals and objectives

Advisory Board Membership

We have years of experience working within the information technology and software development industries and can be a valuable member of your advisory board, providing input into your strategically significant projects and initiatives.

Strategic Human Resource Management

We can work with your organisation to develop and integrate your strategic human resources plans that will speed up your growth strategies through proven performance management and hiring solutions.

FREE DOWNLOAD SWOT Analysis for BPO Providers

This SWOT analysis has been constructed based on research conducted by Change Fox that included interviews and surveys with; BPO providers, their HR teams and placed staff, and is meant to be used to challenge the status quo within the industry by encouraging discussion and action.



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