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Offshoring can have a lot of benefits to your organisation. To give you an idea of the types of functions that can be served via offshoring see the below roles, and by clicking on each role you will see attributes for each that will help you decide what is going to work well for your business.

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Account Manager

Are you seeking to manage your existing customers without detracting from inbound and outbound sales activities?


Are you using expensive accounting services or growing too fast for your current accounting practices to keep up?

Accounts Payable

Are you risking supplier relationships by paying them late or affecting cashflow by paying them too early?

Accounts Receivable

Is your cashflow affected because you don't have the time or resources to chase payments?


Are you spending your time on bookkeeping tasks and should be looking for a resource to help you?

CAD Designer / Drawer

Are you needing an effective, affordable option for CAD work that can be used to deliver value to your customers?

Content Writer / Copywriter

Are you struggling to deliver consistant, effective content for your content marketing strategy?

Data Entry Specialist

Are you outsourcing data entry to unreliable third parties or using flawd OCR software and manually re-entering data?

Executive Assistant

Are you spending time managing low value tasks that you should be spending on your business generating value?

Graphic Designer

Are you looking for somebody to turn your ideas into beautiful collateral or build engaging experiences for your customers?

Helpdesk Support

Are you looking for dedicated helpdesk support officers who will monitor and take ownership of your customer's experience?

Human Resources

Are you looking for someone to assist with the HR requirements and performance management of your offshored team?

Lead Generation Specialist

Are you seeking to grow your sales pipeline without detracting from qualified leads or opportunities?

Marketing Assistant

Are you looking for a resource to do the leg work for your marketing campaigns and drive marketing success?

Mobile App Developer

Are you looking for a mobile app developer to make your app vision a reality and expand your technical stack?

Personal Assistant

Are you looking for help with your administrative tasks like emails, appointments and travel arrangements?

Project Manager

Are you needing help with the management of your internal and/or external projects?

Project Scheduler

Are you having difficulty managing conflicting schedules and resource requirements in your projects?

Quality Assurance Analyst

Are you looking for improved quality assurance throughout your organisation or customer deliverables?


Are you growing your offshored team quickly and need a dedicated recruiter to seek the best talent in the market?

SEO Specialist

Are you needing to improve your online strategies to align with SEO standards and best practices?

Social Media Assistant

Are you looking for somebody to help build consistent and effective social media channels?

Software Developer .Net

Are you looking for high quality Microsoft .Net programmers to further develop your product?

Software Developer Javascript

Are you looking for an innovative Javascript programmer to further develop your AngularJS, NodeJS or React JS project?

Software Tester

Are you looking for a new team member to test, validate and authorise software projects?

Sofware Developer C#

Are you looking for that top gun programmer for your Microsoft C# project?

Strategic Management

Are you looking for a resource to assist with your Strategic Management? Change Fox could add a new and fresh perspective to your planning meetings!

System Administrator

Are you looking for a team member to manage and maintain your local and cloud IT environment?

Team Leaders

Are you looking for inspirational leaders to guide and support your technical or operational team members?

Technical Support

Are you seeking a technical support team member for your software or hardware services?

Technical Writer

Are you looking for a team member to create consistent and professional documentation within your SDLC?


Are you looking to add a cost-effective telemarketing channel to your sales strategy?

UX Developer

Are you looking to improve or build a modern user experience for your products?

Web Designer

Are you looking to build amazing, responsive, beautiful websites and web applications?

Web Developer

Are you looking for an enthusiastic resource to design, develop and maintain your web presense?

Wordpress Developer

Are you using Wordpress as part of your online strategy and need a resource to build and develop to your requirements?

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