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We have the experience and expertise your organisation needs to successfully and effectively deliver offshoring initiatives

Change Fox worked with us to build our technical offshored team to fifteen developers, QA testers and support staff and continues to work with our team to ensure continuous feedback and improvement while retaining our top talent. I strongly recommend engaging with them if you are exploring offshoring or your current team is underperforming


Why work with us

We provide consulting services to organisations seeking to realise competitive advantage through the building of and successful implementation of dedicated and talented offshored teams.

Additionally we work closely with our engagements to achieve their organisational, professional and personal visions.

Our Vision

To inspire and create positive change for the fox community by; increasing the success rate of offshoring initiatives by executing clever, proven, innovative and reproducible processes and; improving team culture and staff retention.

Our Experience

We have successfully implemented offshoring teams successfully for over 7 years and have a tremendous track record in retaining the best talent across our teams to ensure continuous business growth and success.

Our Business Knowledge

We are proud to have helped a wide variety of organisations; small businesses and multinational enterprises alike with our combination of business acumen & academic knowledge.

How can we help your organisation?

Based on our experience building effective and successful offshored teams we have designed a process for managing dispersed teams that encompasses five strategic stages.

These five stages have been developed to ensure that; your organisation is setup to operate in a dispersed work environment, process & systems gaps are identified and resolved or mitigated, finds the appropriate partner for your specific needs and requirements and ultimately finds and retains your ideal team members.

Having Change Fox there to guide me on constructing & providing feedback to my company helped me to progress my career through an actionable development plan.

SARAH Desierto

Readiness Check

Ensure that your business is operationally ready to grow through an offshoring initiative.

Process Design

Design and optionally implement process changes that will best support your new global team.

Supplier Selection

Offshoring suppliers have their specialties so we will match your requirements to our vetted partners list.  

Team Building

Facilitate job description development, interviews and candidate selection recommendations. 

Management & Retention

Team health checks, staff, team and cultural development all to better ensure staff retention and performance. 

Get the most out of your offshore team

Do you have an offshore team already? Do you believe your offshore team can perform more effectively? Are you experiencing high turnover rates in your team?

If any of the above is true, then it is certainly time for an offshoring health check to evaluate how your organisation is executing on their offshoring initiative and provide actionable recommendations.

What people say about us

Karl Mitmannsgruber


Change Fox has a great understanding culturally which was crucial to their teams success. Combined with a determined focus on developing teams through personal mentoring, structured training and strong project management skills their implementations have been first class.

Paul Villaruel


Change Fox does not only offer quick solutions, but also effective frameworks for offshore teams ensuring operational efficiency at all fronts. They are able to pinpoint problem areas and convert them to opportunities by setting up Agile-based processes and added value services guaranteed to satisfy both employees and the clients.

Korskie Villafuerte


Immediately, I was impressed with how Change Fox conducted the interview. They steered away from the traditional way of assessing an applicant and had integrated a better, good-natured way of evaluating potential and capabilities. Working with them for months, I appreciated their constant willingness to share and help the team to work cohesively.

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